Hello everyone from Burlington, MA - U.S.A. (15-miles northwest of Boston)

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:46 am

Hello All, :)

My name is Bill Meehan. I am a 45 y.o. long-time musician/guitarist/bassist/teacher form the northwest suburbs of Boston, MA - U.S.A.

I started playing guitar in 1981; I started gigging regularly in 1984; I started teaching guitar professionally (private one-on-one lessons at Performance Music Center in Woburn, MA - U.S.A.) in September of 1988 - I began teaching guitar-lessons full-time in April of 1994. In my 22-years of teaching, I've taught over 40,000 private guitar-lessons, and I LOVE IT! I also love to perform. Currently, I'm in four (4) bands: a classic-to-current A.O.R./rock cover-band (The Slushpuppies); a Tool tribute-band (ToolFist); a female lead-singer blues-rock cover & originals band (The Marybeth Maes Band); and an acoustic-duo (MBMBM). I have performed over 1,600 gigs in the last 20-years, and I LOVE IT! I have also done a bunch of studio-session/recording-work (both as a session-musician and as an engineer/producer) (although I haven't done too much of that over the past 7 - 8 years.)

I am new to the Blackstar family! I bought an HT-40 Club 1x12 combo about 2-months ago, and I'm really digging this amp. However, we just got in an Stage HT-60 2x12 combo last week down at Performance Music Center, and I think I gotta have it! (It sounds great, it's even MORE versatile than my HT-40, and it has some features which the HT-40 DOES NOT) that I find VERY useful

So I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about the Blackstar product-line and gear in general!

See you all around! :)

~Bill Meehan~


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Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:28 am

my cousins lived in billirica, ma. david cotter took me to a club one time to see the flaraty bros. they played all over the area. ever heard of them? new on here. just ordered the ht-20h, and am dying to get it! i'm from marshfield, near plymouth. been in san diego for 19 yrs. miss home, but not the winter! scott

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