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Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:26 pm
by bazzartii
Hello. I stumbled on the forum whilst searching for news about the new HT-1. Am glad I did.
I play an blue Indie Super S through an HT-Dual/Danelectro FAB chorus/Dunlop Crybaby into a really old, crappy 100w tranny Carlsboro - found in a dump, hence my interest in a low wattage valve amp.
Like other people, I live in a terraced house. Homeopathic neighbour-friendly doses of tone through what I could laughingly call my rig don't do it for me. Even the HT-5 is a bit too loud I was considering the Vox AC4TV......until I heard the buzz about the HT-1. There are two 12" Eminences in the Carlsboro cab, I wonder what the little HT-1 would sound like through them.....?
:) bazzartii