A couple questions about the HT Metal 100 amp head

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Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:31 am

I recently bought an HT Metal 100 amp head and have a couple questions that it'd be great if someone would/could help me with:

1) Are you able to use a Blackstar FS-4 footswitch in the 1/4 inch footswitch jack at the same time as the channel selector switch in the other jack using the FS-4 as a volume boost as it mentions in the manual? Does anyone know how much of a volume boost it provides?

2) Is it possible to assign the effects loop to just 1 of the overdrive channels? For instance, if you want to use overdrive 1 as the rhythm channel and overdrive 2 as the lead channel (the lead channel having a different volume/gain level as the rhythm) and want, say, delay on just your leads and not on rhythms, can you run the delay through the effects loop and have it be active only on OD2? It'd be pretty difficult live to hit the channel selection switch AND the delay pedal switch at the same time, you'd almost have to have 3 feet to do that!!!!!!!

If no one knows the answers to these, could you give me an idea of who I should ask?

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