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Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:11 pm

Hello all, new to Blackstar products and just received my ID:Core V2 40. Bought because of good demos and rave reviews, I come from a friend's old Fender FM25, he'll be taking that back shortly so needed my own amp.

I plugged in the amp and was horrified at the sound because the bass was simply so overwhelming that it is completely unplayable (especially in the clean warm, clean bright, and crunch setting). I've tried both my Mexican Strat and my Gretsch g5420T, I tried different pickups, tone dials positions etc. and was pretty much decided that this thing was either faulty or just not at all to my taste.

I did end up reading the manual and found out about the insider software and found a usb cable and plugged in the amp and finally had access to EQ settings! The default settings are insane!!!! Bass is set to 8 and the mids and highs are set to like 3.1! This surely has to be a mistake! I have to believe that no one's amp is truly set to this and they are happy with how it sounds, it is so muddled and bottom heavy you can't hear anything but bass - there are NO dynamics!! Doesn't matter if I use my fingers, a pick, or fingerpick, put on a capo - nothing changes the overwhelming washing out boom of the bass! None of the product demos/ youtube reviews have the sounds I'm getting out of this amp! When I adjusted the settings the amp sounds beautiful and great! Really a real treat! BUT when I turn off the amp it resets back to this insane Bass 8, mids and treble 3 setting and I have to manually plug in the amp every single time I want to play it and adjust the dials. Surely I'm missing something or got a faulty product I have a hard time believing anyone can play this thing at those settings or that people go through the pain of ALWAYS having a computer/laptop with them to reset the EQ to something playable every single time they want to play the amp. I just can't believe that I'm the only person who thinks the thing is simply unplayable at these EQ settings.

In fact, I was looking through the forums here and I know I'm not the only person with this issue:

but it looks like there is no meaningful response or information about this. Again the amp sounds GREAT once you clean up the EQ. Can someone please help me save the EQ settings so they survive through the amp being turned on then off or tell me if this thing is faulty? Otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to have to return the amp and I don't want to because I like it a lot for a practice amp and like how it sounds once the EQ is fixed.

Help please!



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