Patches reset with USB and both footswitches connected

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Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:24 pm

So a couple of months back, I finally got a hold of a rare-as-hen's teeth (in Australia) FS-12.

I have the latest Insider Software and as far as I know, the latest firmware in the ID:Core Stereo 100.

The issue I had came when I was trying to switch out the default loop-pedal set-up - I don't want it. Can't remember now what I wanted to switch to, nor do I want to now that I have my patches tweaked, but I would rather not have the loop-switching.Currently, I don't use the FS-13 as a result of this issue.

What happens is that I can't change the loop setting or I can but in both cases the Insider software becomes unresponsive and I have to shut it down. Then the amp doesn't respond, so I switch that off too. I usually have to reboot the PC to get Insider working again and when I power up the amp, it's performed it's own factory rest and blown away all the work I've put into transferring patches.

So the purpose of this post is this:
  • To find out if anyone else with the two footswitch scenario has tried to change the switch four and 5 settings and come a cropper like I did
  • To provide Blackstar with a focus point for a possible Insider software and/or firmware issue
  • To provide a few of suggestions for way of features.
The first two points having been covered, here's the suggestions.
1. Give users the additional feature of arranging their library in such a manner that with one bulk download, all patches will be written to the amp in the corresponding location
2. I want to be able to leave the FS-12 with three patch switches and the mod/delay, but cycle patches up and down with the FS-13..
3. Alternatively, five patch switches or four patches and a reverb on/off on the FS-12 and the other pedal for modulation and delay on/off.
4. A bluetooth dongle or an OTG cable and a mobile app so I can do all of this when I'm jamming at my mate's house without needing a desktop/laptop computer. I'm sure it's been a big turn-off for the smart-phone generation not having this facility for these amps.
5. When you have number 4 sorted, I want to be able to tweak my amp then hit a button in the mobile app and save a snapshot of all patches in the amp as a time-stamped "collection" (with rename facility, of course)

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