Modifying Individual Patch Volume [IDCore 20 - V2]

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Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:04 pm

I'm playing a Blackstar ID Core 20 (V2) at home. I started messing with the Blackstar Insider software a few days ago and it is really pretty cool to have a different patch for every song. It just makes everything easier. However I came across a problem today. Whenever I switch between patches everything will change properly except the volume settings. So when I start a song with a less-gain clean sound and I then switch to a (much louder) high-gain OD sound my ears (and the ears of the rest of my family) would be blown off because the volume is still pretty high. This happen again despite modifying the volume of each patch (and saved) and re-sync to my amp.

Is this a software problem or am I doing it wrong? Any advice?

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To EINKM and the Blackstar Community - I have the same question and same problem. I have an ID Core 40 with a footswitch. When I use the amp for band practices (where I don't need my main/heavy/loud amps), I'd like to switch between patches, e.g., clean and OD. But when I do that, the OD patches are so much LOUDER than the clean patches, they're not useable unless I stop and manually turn down the volume knob on the amp. I would think there should be some way to preset the relative volumes between the patches, but if so, I haven't been able to figure it out. Can anyone offer any advice?

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This is a serious issue.
The only way I can think of is to reduce the gain on OD channels and thus sacrificing the amount of distortion.
It's like the amp were designed to play with only one tone at any given time.
Blackstar, please include the patch volume settings in the firmware/Insider.
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I suggest this workaround (worked for me) : Reduce volume of the 3 Eq pots (the same amount) when you want to reduce overall and relative volume of a patch and store it.
But volume in smaller ID CORE series is the master, storing it is not logical. We just miss a preamp volume like in high power series which is stored in patches (I have ID 40 and ID 100). Sure they can at least do that in firmware on the amp whith a shortcut like on 100/150 series pressing Tap and volume for example).

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I can't believe this. I purchased the IDCore 40 some years ago and I had this very same problem with storing the volume in the patches. It amazes me to see that Blackstar hasn't still done ANYTHING to fix this, which, you may agree with me, is very annoying. People have complained about that since the begining and some years later, noone has done anything.

Honestly Blackstar, I don't think that fixing this will cost you a lot of time and resources, so why don't you do that eventually?

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Yes, this is a HUGE problem for me as well, to the point where I am just using the clean preset and a distortion pedal. Very upsetting, and I hope it is something they can patch. I keep saving the volumes at different levels, but every time I change it stays on the first one and the jump is brutal.

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Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:15 pm

Any suggestion?
Blackstar company people: this it´s a important problem.

Company must to fix it.

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