TVP 30 Em. Out & Phone - Way too low volume

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Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:19 am

Just uncrated my TVP 30 after reading great reviews and set it up, took it out of demo mode etc. I practice in my home office a lot so I need to use my headphones often. I have a basic low end AKG set and was very disappointed to see how low the signal out of the headphone jack was. Turned master volume down all the way, turn up Volume (next to gain knob on the left), put on a backing track into the line in and was ready to jam. But the volume was so faint that I had to turn the backing track volume down to nothing just so I can hear my guitar. So disappointed. :evil: I like a little crank in my phones and this supposed beast just doesn't deliver. Am I doing something wrong? The amp literally came out of the box this way. I read that the 60's apparently have a problem, but the 30's too? Do I need to buy powered headphones or plug the line out into a mixing board or something...really? Help. I want to love this amp.

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