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Mon May 23, 2016 4:40 pm

Hi folks,

I realise the question about lag on patch changing with this pedal has been asked and answered a hundred times. My solution was to go down the midi foot controller path, I have a boss GT6 from my previous set up which has midi controller capability built in and it works, well. No lag on change etc.

However, I was wondering if the lag was STILL an issue, or has it been resolved in a firmware update (are Blackstar even trying to resolve it). I ask as the GT6 is a big pedal board, with more buttons than I need to control the ID100 and an expression pedal that I can't use (well for what I want to use it for, wah. I can use it for volume) So I also need to have a separate wah pedal. As my sounds are in the head that means carrying the guitar(s), head, gt6 pedal board and my morley wah to practice and it's just getting annoying and cumbersome. I'd like to use the FS10, it's more compact, has just the right amount of buttons and does everything I need. But I cant use it with the lag.

So now, a few months down the line, having chose not to get the fs10 initially, is it still laggy, is it under review for fixing, is it even seen as an issue from blackstar?

Thanks - I love the amp, I wish I could love the pedal too! :)

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Mon May 23, 2016 7:24 pm

I would plug your amp into insider and make sure your up to date. Besides that's there is a little lag when switching to and from patches that use different tubes. The best way around it is just make each bank of 4 using the same tubes. The footswitch IS different in the fact that it engages on the up rather than down stomp but I found it pretty easy to get used to.

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Tue May 24, 2016 9:55 am

Thanks! I may try and borrow one again to test before buying. See if it has improved any.

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