3&4-cable Method Issues with ID:260

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Thu May 05, 2016 7:23 pm

I am experimenting with both the 3-cable and 4-cable methods with my GT-100 and ID:260. For the most part everything seems to be working, but I found a few things that confused me and am hoping someone can help!

I have the "EFFECTS LOOP" checkbox turned on in INSIDER. These issues occur when the GT-100 set to bypass the ID's preamp (essentially just feeding the signal directly to the ID's "return" (MP3/LINE IN).

1) Audio to the ID "Return" jack (MP3/LINE IN) seems to be altered by the setting of the ID's "preamp voicing" knob ("VOICE"). There is a distinct difference between the 2 "CLEAN" voicings vs the other 4. LINE IN isn't affected by any of the other preamp settings (GAIN, VOLUME, eq, ISF).

2) The MP3/LINE IN signal doesn't seem to be affected by the RESONANCE or PRESENCE. I believe those are power amp settings, and thought they would get applied regardless if the signal was going through the preamp or not.

The "EFFECTS LOOP" checkbox in INSIDER seems to (inconsistently) disable the 2 MP3/LINE INPUT checkboxes below it, including "MP3/LINE IN TO POWER AMP", and I'm wondering if there's an issue there?

I'm fairly new to all this, so please be gentle :?

Thank you!!

PS: I know some will question why I'm bypassing the ID's preamp. It's not ideal, but I'm just trying to simplify my setup by having all the patch settings in one place (GT-100). I do still get the benefits of TVP. Ultimately I want the GT-100 to switch presets and/or settings on the ID. I don't like the way that's implemented on the GT-100, though. So for now I'm letting the GT-100 do most of the sound sculpting.

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