Transformer issues (I think)

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Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:31 am

I've now 'blown' 3 Blackstar amps and can't work out why. First to go was my 8-month old HT5R combo. Great sounding amp. Had been gigged and regularly rehearsed, and then just lost all output a couple of weeks ago during rehearsal (luckily). Went back to Northampton where they said the output transformer needed replacing.

So - bought a standby HT5 head off ebay as back up but, last night back at rehearsal , both this AND the newly repaired amp went kaput again. So I am now 3 amps down, and a gig on Friday - HELP!

I plan to talk to BS and see if they have any ideas, but all help from this forum gratefully received.

Could it be my pedalboard (nothing too complicated in there)? The power supply at the practice studio? Using the wrong speaker output for the cabs?

An expensive - and this week stressful - problem....

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