Can I pair the Tone:Link bluetooth receiver with a mic?

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Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:10 am

Hi there,

Looking for what I think is a pretty simple answer but can't seem to find it anywhere i've searched. I am wondering if you can pair a bluetooth headset, or bluetooth microphone with the Tone:Link receiver? Has anyone done this, or know if it CAN be done, or have one that can try it out for me. I want to be able to connect it to an amp, pair it with a headset or mic and use it for practice vocals at home.


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Great little device and is so easy to use. Have tried it with my Blackstar Fly w/ the 103 extension cabinet and iPhone and it does great. Also if you have a pair of wired headphones you can go wireless just by plugging them into the Blackstar Tone:Link. Instructions tell you how. Super easy.
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