Blackstar ID:100 TVP - 'Booming Head'

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Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:08 pm

Ok - this may be a novice question but I have an ID:100TVP head. I have had the rig for about 5 months and it's great - but - on specific power chords, when using a distorted sound I notice what I can only describe as a 'booming'.

I have tried the head through various different cabs, try different guitars, checked the amp models to ensure there is not too much bass/treble, volume etc. Still the same issue.

Is this just a case of Physics and certain chords will generate certain sound waves that could 'boom'? Or, do I have an AMP head problem? Or is there something in the settings I should be looking at??

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Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:09 am

Hey Andy,

It's possible that you are hearing a natural occurrence, caused by either placement in the room or general sonic elements in the room in relation to the TVP section's increased bass response.

TVP is designed to emulated a valve amplifier, including all the natural frequencies and bass boost you'd expect to hear. As a result, the TVP may be influencing the extent of 'booming' you are hearing. Try the amplifier with 'TVP' switched off, and assess if the issue continues.

If the issue is no longer present with TVP off, try moving the amplifier to a different point in the room as placement can be a vital element when assessing 'booming' or other sonic phenomena.

Hope this helps!
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