Ongoing HT20 Issues

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Sun May 21, 2017 9:40 am

Hi there,

Since the purchase of my ht20 studio combo, I've had some really strange behavior with the amp. It's under a year old. All stock components. Correct footswitch.

At first it was dipping volume. A random amount of time after powering the amp on, and playing for a while, the amp would dip in volume (both clean lead channels).. it's about a 10% - 15% drop in volume. After another random amount of time, the amp would come back to life and return to its original volume. On the clean channel, sometimes, and this is generally when the volume dips are present, there are strange "distortions" which ARE NOT signal breakup. It sounds fairly awful when it occurs. So i typically avoid the clean channel.

I was worried that there was a problem with the tubes, so i went back to the dealer and they sent it to the manufacturer to have it checked. They went from head to toe and claimed that there was nothing wrong with the tubes or any other components. After it's return the amp seemed to function okay for a while but the problems came back.

Another issue I had was the footswitch randomly stops working. It always seems to return to normal functionality after an amp restart, and pulling out and reseating the footswitch cable. Can't explain this one. It's the footswitch that came with the amp.

The latest issue. I was setting up on stage with the amp. Worked perfectly the day before, but after powering the amp on. Only a very faint and thin sound came out of the amp. Nothing from the clean channel. Only the lead channel.

I'm ready to give up on Blackstar. The fact that the manufacturer checked the amp and claimed it was in perfect working, despite the continuing issues, makes me have little faith in the product. I simply CAN'T rely on this amp for a performance, with the volume dipping and the footswitch failing. It's been an incredibly frustrating experience.

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Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:56 pm

I’m having the exact same problem, my ht20 is only a month old. I was sent a replacement preamp tube, which didn’t fix it, but to make matters worse, after the tube install, I’ve lost the ability to switch channels. Lead channel won’t even light up when the switch is pressed. Horrible noise on the clean channel that seems to ramp up as well.

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