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Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:40 pm

So today i treated myself to a couple of new pedals, both were ex-demo and they were; Blackstar HT-Reverb & Blackstar HT-Boost from Dawsons Music in Liverpool.

So i've got them home, set them up (plugged them both into main wall sockets and not extension blocks) and plugged in my guitar etc and off i went trying to get the reverb sound that i wanted, when all of a sudden the thing hissed and just stopped being a reverb pedal and just was some pretty lights... The 'Dwell' LED still changes colour depending on the sharpness of my attack and the 'on' and 'mode' LED's light up with the respective pedal switches being triggered, but there's just no reverb effect going on. I can turn everything off, unplug the PSU and leave it off for 5 minutes or so then when i turn it all back on it works fine again... for another 5 minutes...

could this be a dodgy connection inside? a worn valve? a PSU issue? anything else?

I have finally got a sexy reverb dialled in and so i would really love to keep this pedal and not have to get a refund, as it was the last one in the shop & ex-demo so i got it less than half the RRP and so the chances of a replacement are near-enough nil.


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