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Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:45 pm

ningj wrote:
Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:34 am
My HT5-TH started playing up recently after 3 years of sterling service. Unlike the issue discussed at length in this thread, the AMP played normally on both channels but had developed an annoying, constant volume 50Hz power buzz. The circuit board was manufactured late 2012 and doesn't appear to have the short-circuit issue.

I pulled it apart, discharged the main caps (verified with multimeter) and noticed C46 was domed/bulging and ended up replacing both C45 and C46 to solve this problem as Tark noted in this thread. Really simple fix and just wanted to share another symptom of when these caps start to fail.

Arcadio. R38 & R39 are indeed 22K on my HT5-TH board.
Thank you for checking that for me, and good job getting your amp working well again. :mrgreen:

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Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:55 am

Hi, I need some help for a problem with my HT5-R combo. A few days ago the amp made a loud hum and finally there is a very strange harmonized sound coming out of the power amp. The amp itself is steadily used in my living room on low loudness mainly.

The preamp still works fine through the headphone output. I opened up the the amp and found that obviously 2 resistors R8 and R9 has been burned.

I‘m now like to know what could have been the reason for this burned resistors and if it will be enough to replace them to get this problem fixed.

I‘m looking forward to receive your feedback on this issue.

Many thanks in advance

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