Artisan 15 Combo

HAND-CRAFTED TONE. Artisan Series Amplifiers.
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Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:10 am

Here in the USA, these amps are very expensive. The reviews I've read on them are all excellent. My curiousity is stirred by these reviews. One observation was that they are also very loud. I like the fact that they go down to 5 watts class A setting as well. I would like to check one of these out in the store. It may not be for me. I'm not looking for an over the top metal sound. The reviews make it sound like it truely covers all the bases. I'm knocked out simply by my HT-1 combo, so I can only imagine what these A-15s are like.

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Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:02 pm

I have An Artisan 15 combo and only play at home using a USA startouch ABY pedal and a line 6 M9 and that's it! It makes pedals sound mega 3d. David Gilmour states that if you start with the best clean sound you can and add dirt via pedals. Lets face it even distortion with amps wound up full isn't always possible for most but when you can add it at a comfortable level via a pedal of your choice then you have tonal nirvana.
I have had so many amps, you name it and I have tried it from cornford to carr!
Hope this helps.

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