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zoolander10 wrote:As for me, i was so stupid to remove the preamp tubes without even taking note about the order. I was trying to clean up the inside since it got so dusty and wanted to wipe the tubes as well. Now I can't figure out where the 12AU7/ECC82 for the phase inverter goes. Anybody know which position it goes? If I'm looking in front of the amp where the input is, Is it V1, V2, V3, V4 from left to right, V4 being closest to the transformers? This is the Series one 100 head by the way. Does the ECC82 go to the V2 spot and is my order right? Any info is much appreciated.
If someone could answer this it'd be a great help!

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Well I have had the same problem after cleaning my Series One 100 out, I took the pre-amp tubes out & forgot to note where they came from. I have just phoned Blackstar & they told me the phase inverter goes in V2. So looking from the back of the amp V2 is nearest the Transformer. The order goes from left to right V2, V1, V4 & V3. Hope that helps Series One 100 Owners.

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I dont think that is right? On my Series One 50 the 82 is second in from the left looking from the back. I dont think the 50 and 100 are different.

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The first reply in the post answers all the questions needed, its correct.

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Just to clear this all up... The ECC82 is not the phase inverter it acts as a buffer for the phase inverter.
The valve nearest the transformers is an ECC83 this is the phase inverter.
In all series one amps the ECC82 is always the second valve away from the transformer.
Hope this helps!!

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This needs a definite answer, is it safe to pull out a pre amp tube at a time, power on and see what channel doesn't work? And when u pull out pi u get no output at all?

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I opened my blackstar s1 200, and on the plate valves are so reported,

from left to right in front of the amplifier

then the v1 appears to be the ecc82...

sorry for my bad english :)

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