Blackfire 200 Gus G model

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Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:36 am

There is a small run of these being made. I read up on them in Guitar World. The first Blackstar signature model. It can play between 20 to 200 watts. I bet this thing is awesome. Only 225 examples of them are made. They have four selected KT88 power tubes in them. They are going to go for $2499.99 per amp. I guess they are like a Marshall on steroids. I wonder what they sound like? The cool thing is even though it is a 200 watt amp, you can drop it down to 20 watts! I suppose that 20 watts has to still be pretty loud!

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Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:11 pm

This is a fantastic amp. I have owned it for about a month and I am still staggered by the versatility. When I bought the amp, my local shop (who is also the regional agent) had the full Blackstar range in stock, and a big warehouse setting to really crank them. Of all of them, I really liked two specific tones the best. The first was the 50w EL34 version on overdrive, and the second was the 200w Blackfire's Fire channel. It was, in the end, the Fire channel that won me over.

I do actually play this amp at bedroom levels with an attenuator and it sounds great, but it really comes to life when pushing a lot of air with a 4x12. I use both the matching Blackfire cab and a Marshall 4x12 with Greenbacks, and it sounds great with both. I have replaced the Sovtek preamp tubes with two Chinese 12ax7's and two JJ's, and the improvement is significant, especially on the clean and crunch channels, where I prefer the lower gain of the replacement tubes.

The Fury channel is absolutely exceptional for leads. It might sound a bit mid-forward on its own, but in a mix it really comes alive. I absolutely cannot believe how clear and quiet this channel is, even on full gain settings and boosting the front end, it remains dead quiet. I have a JVM410, which in comparison I find unusably noisy on higher gain settings. I do love the JVM's lower gain "Marshall" tones though!

Lastly, this amp does not sound like a Marshall amp at all, it is worlds apart as far as the tone goes. The tone is not "better", or "worse" (very subjective terms in any case), just very different. I will, however, admit that the JVM is gathering dust at the moment.

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