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Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:08 pm

I felt it useful to share a problem I am having with a new Blackstar series one 45 combo I recently purchases myself. During the one day it worked, I found it marvelous and just what i needed... yet the following morning the problem occurred.

On powering up, and a minute latter setting off the the standby mode, the channel lights refused to light up once a guitar was plugged in. In essence it was as if it was not detecting any guitar at all and would not enable the channels. Powering off and on again a couple of times led once to the channels lighting up, yet at a random time after powering up (5 to 10 min latter), and when they did, they went bonkers. The lights would alternate between both clean modes (warm and bright) for no reason, and if I pressed the crunch mode for example, it would activate some other channel for a while before jumping around to some random channel. While a channel was working, amplified sound would indeed emerge from the speaker.

Latter on in the day I tried again to use the amp, and once again no channel light would activate and no amplification would occur even after 15 mins waiting time. I had lost patience by then and refused to see if sometime latter it would start working erratically again as in the morning. I am understandably pretty pissed, yet I presume its just bad luck and will be heading soon to my local authorized dealer to have it replaced.

Has anybody had a similar issue ? Could it be "fixed" by a local tech, or is it simply a dead amp?
I am a bit scared that some production lot might be screwy and I would hate to receive a similar one as replacement. Hope the dealer is comprehensive...

best regards

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Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:33 pm


After a couple of cycles of "it fixed itself then went bad again" I finally had it changed for a new one.
Have not had any problems since with the new one.
Probably just bad luck with the first amp.

The only thing that has me bugged though is that the impedance setting in the back was initially set at 16 ohm in the amp that went bad (that's how it was set right out from the box). I have since wondered if by having being used in the wrong setting by me at the start, or by others at the shop, some electronics was fed the wrong amount of current and blew up.

I would recommend that the impedance setting be double checked before initial use since not only is it very easy to change (or be changed) to any mode not right for the S145 cabinet speaker configuration (right = 8ohms), but I did not see in the manual what it should be set up to. It takes some searching in the web, or some observation inside the cabinet to figure out the configuration and specs of the speakers, and figure out the right setting.

Just a word of precaution.

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