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So have a had this amp for about a year...and I've notice a very strange windy sound when playing notes. It doesn't happen right away, it happens after the amp heats up for a bit. So playing it after more than 4 or 5 min.

Doesn't matter the channel although more noticeable on the clean channel esp on the second voicing (voice button down).

I have tested other guitars, other cables, other outlets, same weird sound. What I have noticed is when your standing away from the amp, so maybe 8 or 10 feet you don't really notice it, but when practicing and playing beside it you do and it is annoying, and more noticeable when holding a note. Play quick short notes it's not there.

Anyway, not sure if anyone can help with one or has experienced similar issue. I do love the amp. I have an LTD ESP EC-401EM guitar and together with this amp, esp on the OD1 or OD2 it's tone is awesome.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Could be due to a number of things - certain types of lighting, outlet grounding issues, other appliances, etc. Try plugging into other outlets and/or at a different location to see if anything changes.

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I have the same thing with my HT Studio 20.

It's an issue inside the amp for sure, it stops if I bang on top of the head lightly with my fist..

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