ID Core 40 - Strap/Handle. Obtainable/Other options?

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Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:40 pm

Before I go further, just wish to say I've only just joined these forums, only just got myself and ID Core 40 amp, and only just bought the 1st guitar in my life 10 days ago.
Yes my fingers are hurting, Yes, I struggling to even play 3 cords without pressing other strings, and needing to look to make sure I put my fingers in the right place.
Admittedly a tiny bit frustrated I can't get this right yet, but I am to carry on.

Actually the Blackstar Amp has helped, as whilst practicing 3 cord positions is what i need to do, having the amp produce a more "interesting sound" and me just playing with notes does give me an enjoyable break from the mundane practice.

Anyway, with all that said. My ID Core 10.
I don't have the strap for it that attaches to the metal side lugs, I was informed it was just missing, which is a shame.
Is this the type of item than can be found, or can someone suggest perhaps an ebay strap/belt that would be a suitable and matching replacement.

Many thanks :)

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