Slaving a ID100TVP OutPut Transformer

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Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:21 am

Can anyone tell me where to get a OutPut Transformer for a 100TVP amp head? Part number? Web Site?

Also - have any of you slaved your TVP into a Tube amp? I slaved my tvp into a Laney IRT and Amazing sound but i think i am hurt the output transformer.
Today after about a hour of playing i have a pop in the speakers, this happened three more times, i checked the load and i am running a speaker cable from one speaker out into the amp input of the Laney, then from the Laney 8 ohm speaker out into a 8 ohm input of a 412 with a play n plug jack.

Plug n Play Jack Set up on the 412 Cab -
Left top = 8 ohm left/4 ohm mono Right Top = 8 ohm right
Left Bttm = 16 ohm mono

I unhooked it all and played only the Laney for about a hour no pops or noise, plugged the TVP back into the Laney and it popped, so i know its the Blackstar head. I just don' get why its happening- 4 ohm output of the TVP amp, into the amp in on the Laney, then 8 ohm out from the Laney to a 412 8 ohm jack.

If i have 4 ohms out to the slave- do i need to add this 4 ohm to the 8 ohm output possibly? giving me 12 ohm, maybe i should have used the 16 ohm output here? Any one got some insight here? And thanks to reply back with part numbers and ordering info if any.

By the way the slaving of the BS 100 TVP into the Laney sounds incredible. It boost the punch and feel of the BS TVP, it truly sounds amazing. I want to keep doing this, but need to understand what the issue is first before i fry the inside of the amp out. Hopefully right now i am just looking at a OT.


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