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Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:46 pm

Two songs from our performance at the Charlotte Music Awards Showcase ... this was the Finals after being nominated for the Christian Music Category

Quick side note ........ I had NO EFFECTS and ONE cable from the guitar to the amp because I accidentally left them alllll at home :roll: usually i run a boosta grande in the effects loop to thicken her up a bit!! Im not happy with the tone in the second vid partly to the eq on the board and i didnt have it running hot at all.... as a matter of fact i couldnt even hear myself till the 3rd song. Neither could the drummer obviously going into the first chorus in the funky song ..... we were one of 5 bands shuffling in and out being timed and judged on everything so i wasnt gonna make a deal about anything, just shut up and PLAY !!!!!

Our Band LifeGiver by the Grace of God WON Christian Band of the year !!!!! :shock:

Can the Ht-60 get funky ??? Find out

And a bit of Rock?

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