Blackstar Owners Club

Blackstar Owners Club

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Blackstar amps can be found across the world from huge stages to the smallest of bedrooms. We are proud that our amps can be used by such a wide array of guitarists, allowing them to find the sound in their head. The Blackstar Owners Club has been created to provide a spotlight for all those dedicated players who have chosen to make Blackstar their amp of choice.

Share your experience with us and everyone else. Submit your details here, and the best entries will be added to this landing page. The Blackstar website receives thousands of hits a day, so take the opportunity to have your say and showcase yourself or your band to the world. We would love to hear from you!

Latest Entries

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Richard Murray

Date Added: 25th July 2011

Band: Richard Murray

Genre(s): Various


Country: UK


About: Session musician and singer/songwriter. From Ireland originally, graduated music college and moved to London. Worked with a lot of artists and started touring and doing international contract gigging full time 3 years ago.

Why Blackstar?: They're solidly built and the sound is just amazing. They are versatile without being complicated and messy.

Antoine Bartlet

Date Added: 22nd July 2011

Band: As A Black Sheep

Genre(s): Electro Rock


Country: France

Amp / Pedals: HT Studio 20

About: I've been playing for 6 years now. Starting at high school with some friends, and continuing nowadays with others...

Why Blackstar?: Very versatile, powerful and beautiful amp! All the warm and deepness I'm lookin' for with my guitar sound. Thanks a lot Blackstar!

Hector The Toad

Date Added: 20th July 2011

Band: Ska Face / Tony & The 2 Tones

Genre(s): Ska / Reggae


Country: UK

Amp / Pedals: HT-1

About: We play Ska and Reggae Covers as Ska Face and are recording 'that difficult first album' as Tony & The 2 Tones.

Why Blackstar?: It fits under the desk and sounds a lot bigger than it is.

Edward Paul Jennings

Date Added: 19th July 2011

Band: Blackstar Eddie

Genre(s): Blues


Country: UK

Amp / Pedals: Series One 45, Artisan 15H Head, Artisan 412 Cabinet, HT-Dual

About: I have been playing for around 40 years with a 20 year gap in live playing due to work. Now in two bands, one of which 'Blackstar Eddie'. We cover Hendrix, SRV, Robben Ford and the inevitable Clapton plus a slice of ZZ Top and some of the Kings ie; B.B., Freddie and Albert.

Why Blackstar?: Quality build, quality service and uncompromising tone, especially the Artisan.

Rhys Gordon Bradley

Date Added: 18th July 2011

Band: To The Bones

Genre(s): Hard Rock


Country: UK

Amp / Pedals: Series One 100

About: To The Bones :- Rocked stages such as Leeds and Reading Festival, Brixton Academy support to Eagles of Death Metal, Guilfest, tours with The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Butterfly Effect, Jubilee (members of Nine Inch Nails and Queens of The Stone Age) and many many club venues.

Why Blackstar?: I love the diversity of tones and how loud my S1-100 Head can get to compete with a drummer that's louder than most. It looks great too and hasn't let me down yet.

Alejandro Pinilla Diaz

Date Added: 15th July 2011

Band: Alejandro Pinilla

Genre(s): Latin, Folk, Rock


Country: Canada

Amp / Pedals: HT Club 40

About: Alejandro Pinilla was born in 1978 in the port city of Valparaiso, Chile. He was raised listening to popular music played by his uncles and aunts at family parties. He started playing seriously at the age of 19 with a couple of university friends in a heavy metal cover band. They played wherever they could and got paid mostly with beers at the end of the night. After he received his diploma as a teacher he moved to Canada to visit some of his relatives. He decided to stay after a couple of months.

Why Blackstar?: It is like having the best of British and American gain, but the cleans of a classic Brit amp. The sustain is incredible and the amp is not afraid of any style. I have owned many different big name amps, but I would never change my Blackstar.

Craig Whitehouse

Date Added: 14th July 2011

Band: 2ndSideMade

Genre(s): Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge


Country: UK

Amp / Pedals: Series One 45, HT-DistX

About: I've played guitar for 9 years, and performed as a lead vocalist for 4 years. I formed 2ndSideMade in early 2010 with the idea to make honest rock music. Inside a year we have gained airplay on local radio and played numerous shows in the Midlands area, and look to go further afield.

Why Blackstar?: I find the flexibility of Blackstar's products to be the most fantastic thing my ears have heard. From sparkling cleans to deep gritty distortion, both my Series One 45 and my HT-DistX deliver what I want: the sound in my head.

Vince SantaCruz

Date Added: 13th July 2011

Band: Power Trip

Genre(s): Rock


Country: USA

Amp / Pedals: HT Club 40

About: I play mostly classic rock and metal but my band also does a little modern country. I was a full time musician in my 20s and mid 30s in a few different original bands. Now I am a family man with a full time job and pretty much playing in cover bands on weekends.

Why Blackstar?: Quality and sound are amazing. I wish I would have had this amp years ago. The only amp change I would make is to another Blackstar, maybe the Soloist 60 because of the boost function.

Richard Meyrick

Date Added: 12th July 2011

Band: Man Of The Hour

Genre(s): Progressive Pop-Punk


Country: Wales

Amp / Pedals: HT Stage 100

About: I've been playing in bands since I was 14, have always loved Pop-Punk with Blink-182, Green Day and New Found Glory being my biggest influences. As far as guitarists go Slash was a big influence on me growing up, along with Gary Moore and more recently Albert Lee. At the moment I'm loving a bit of Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti is a machine!

Why Blackstar?: I can get soooo much low end but then get a slammin' lead tone! Playing other brands before this I can safely say I wont be going back haha. The ISF feature is really cool too, I love the 'American side' of it, as it's just what I want!

Pim Schreurs

Date Added: 11th July 2011

Band: Stoere Patsers Tribute Band

Genre(s): Rock Cover Dutch Dialect


Country: Netherlands

Amp / Pedals: HT Stage 60, HT-Blackfire

About: Been playing for 10 years now. Playing now in a rock cover band with Dutch Dialect. Have played in the band Arrested on the Seventh. Hard rock/metal band. Was bass player in that band.

Why Blackstar?: Blackstar is awesome. In every way, I can do all sorts of cool stuff with it. Especially the Blackfire. So much metal in one box. AWESOME!!!